April 2014

This month the Beatrice Power Drive Team has been exceptionally busy during race season. We had finished making a removable cover for the back of the A08 car. This cover was made of bent aluminum round stock, we then used the same material that covers the bottom half of the car, to cover the new tail section. We ran into a little problem with a bent rim after the Grand Island rally. We had to make an emergency trip to the specialty bike shop in Lincoln that built the wheels to have it straightened. The majority of our time has been spent repairing and maintaining our vehicles through the race season. Time has also been spent constructing a frame for a canopy of A08. We had ordered two 4x8 sheets of PETG to act as our clear canopy. However, once ordered the material was delayed one week due to a shipping failure on behalf of Finley CO. and another 1 week delay due to a handling error on behalf of ABF Shipping. We have since received our material and are working to construct a working canopy by state.